Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Snoods ahoy!

I'm so happy it's gone a bit chilly, let's get out the snoods!

The blog world seems to have gone mad for them thanks to Karen! Here is one I've just crocheted (using a pattern I blogged last year) which I think will be a Christmas pressie for some lucky person:

It's crocheted from a gorgeous pink wool I got in Loop in Islington, and the flower is done from some cream yarn I had in my stash. I love it and don't want to give it away! It's slightly less snuggly than my snoods from last year as I only used one ball, but I think it still works.

I've also just bought a knitted snood kit from the lovely Nest in Crouch End. They make up their own little knitting kits which are very cute. It combines lace knitting (which I'm attempting to master) and circular needles (which I've never used) so it should be an interesting project.  I don't normally buy craft kits, but they had one knitted up in the shop and I fell in love, what can I say. Plus it's not like it's a mass produced kit so slightly less unoriginal...? Anyway. I'm looking forward to getting started.

I've also got a giant granny square blanket on the go, think it might be next winter by the time it's done though.

Mm time for a mince pie and a cuppa.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Knitting help!

Friends, I am in need of help from you expert knitters out there. I have been trying to knit a very seasonal snowflake lace pattern:

Isn't it pretty? I intended to knit it up into an ear warming headband. However every time (every time) I knit row 10 I end up with 28 stitches instead of 29, and I can't figure out why! I am beginning to suspect it is a mistake in the pattern, as there is also a mistake where it says "Row 13" but it should really read "Row 12". 

Can any of you shed any light? Is it me, am I doing something silly? Or if it is a mistake in the pattern do any of you know what I could do to add a stitch in without ruining the pattern? I tried just adding one in each time but it resulted in a very wobbly line along the sides! I'm not new to knitting but I haven't knitted in years, so this is very challenging. 

I have been making things, I have some new stuff to share with you soon!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

What? Not another Rooibos

Um, yes, it is another Rooibos. Sorry! (my third, after dotty and grey). It's my favourite so far though. Isn't the cherry print fabric the cutest? And I love the pop of colour from the collar. (They're just iPhone pics, hope you can see ok)

I think I'm trying to direct the cameraman and protesting at having a photo taken next to a bag of soil...

Do you like my yellow cardi? I do too, except it's cashmere (and was v expensive) and it's got a hole after a month! I'm clearly not cut out for expensive knitwear. 

I think that's me for the Rooiboses (Rooibi? Rooiboss? What is the plural?!) for now though. Three is quite enough. I cannot praise this little pattern enough, but I won't rave on about it as I've already done it in my two previous posts. Now I need to get a little more adventurous and try a pattern I've not made before...I'm tempted by the peony, anyone tried it? I haven't seen many versions around the web yet.

How are we all anyway, enjoying the crisp autumn weather? I love it, this week has just been perfect, cold but bright and sunny. I've had the week off and have been enjoying reading, sewing and drinking tea (and wine) looking out the window at the world going past. It's been blissful. If only I didn't have to go back to work on Monday.

Oh, have you all seen this? Knitted jumpers for penguins to protect them from oil spillage! So adorable.


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why is my stitching all WRONG?! (help)

I know some of you are sewing machine whizzes, and I'm very much a novice, so I'm asking for your help. What would make my (normally very well behaved) sewing machine make this mess on the underside of my stitching?

It will do this all of a sudden, and as it's underneath I won't see it until it eventually jams up. Then I take everything out and put it back exactly the same, and it's usually fine again. I can't understand it!

Is it my tension? Wrong bobbin (it's a drop in bobbin by the way)?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing

Oh my god - I have just seen this book, and although I've only seen the cover and one photo, it's set my heart a-flutter...

Has anyone seen any other pictures or reviews or do we just have to wait until October?

Sometimes you've got to think small

My month is off to a slow start, I think I'm a little under the weather as my energy levels are zero. It's sort of self-perpetuating though, isn't it, the more you sit about feeling sorry for yourself the less you want to get up and do anything. I'm a bit of an anomaly in that I'm a bit cross that the weather is warm again (yesterday was really sunny! People were back in flip flops!) - I had resigned myself to "summer" being over and was very much in the mood for autumn (my favourite season) to commence.

I bloody love autumn, me!
Here are the things I love about autumn:

  • dark, cosy nights
  • winter clothes - boots, scarves, woolens, slippers, pyjamas
  • fairy lights on dark nights
  • red wine and candles
  • build up to Christmas

I feel all cosy just thinking about it!

I have, however, tidied up my sewing stuff, sorted out my languishing pile of WiPs, made a list of small crafty projects and borrowed Cath Kidston's Sew from the library. It's a lovely book (although I probably wouldn't buy it for myself) and has given me a fresh wave of inspiration for crafting small things. I think that's the problem when you're feeling busy and stressed, getting started on something big in the evenings, like a dress, seems so daunting that the tv and a glass of wine wins hands down every time. Sometimes you've got to think small. Big isn't always best. *insert other size based cliches here*

So my list of things I want to make in the next month are:

  • new cushion covers
  • a new needle case
  • pin cushion

I also have two metres of this fabric that is begging to be whipped up into....a Rooibos? A Pendrell? I think it would be quite cute as a Rooibos with red buttons and it could maybe even carry off some red ricrac, what do you think? I'm not usually a fan of ricrac, but something about this fabric is screaming RICRAC ME! (just me?)