Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sometimes you've got to think small

My month is off to a slow start, I think I'm a little under the weather as my energy levels are zero. It's sort of self-perpetuating though, isn't it, the more you sit about feeling sorry for yourself the less you want to get up and do anything. I'm a bit of an anomaly in that I'm a bit cross that the weather is warm again (yesterday was really sunny! People were back in flip flops!) - I had resigned myself to "summer" being over and was very much in the mood for autumn (my favourite season) to commence.

I bloody love autumn, me!
Here are the things I love about autumn:

  • dark, cosy nights
  • winter clothes - boots, scarves, woolens, slippers, pyjamas
  • fairy lights on dark nights
  • red wine and candles
  • build up to Christmas

I feel all cosy just thinking about it!

I have, however, tidied up my sewing stuff, sorted out my languishing pile of WiPs, made a list of small crafty projects and borrowed Cath Kidston's Sew from the library. It's a lovely book (although I probably wouldn't buy it for myself) and has given me a fresh wave of inspiration for crafting small things. I think that's the problem when you're feeling busy and stressed, getting started on something big in the evenings, like a dress, seems so daunting that the tv and a glass of wine wins hands down every time. Sometimes you've got to think small. Big isn't always best. *insert other size based cliches here*

So my list of things I want to make in the next month are:

  • new cushion covers
  • a new needle case
  • pin cushion

I also have two metres of this fabric that is begging to be whipped up into....a Rooibos? A Pendrell? I think it would be quite cute as a Rooibos with red buttons and it could maybe even carry off some red ricrac, what do you think? I'm not usually a fan of ricrac, but something about this fabric is screaming RICRAC ME! (just me?)


  1. No, I'm the same - I was looking forward to not having to resent wearing winter clothes (and to not feeling self-conscious if I put gloves on), so I'm a bit put out by the nice weather today...

  2. Oooh, definitely a Rooibos! I'm working on one (well, just finished tracing) at the moment, too... Red ricrac sound great!

  3. I'm looking forward to autumn too, I was quite put out that it was too warm to wear my nice kimono sleeved jacket today!

    And that fabric would look fabulous with ric-rac, I think!

  4. Super cute rooibos alert! Agreed it would look lovely with red ric rac. Your post made me smile and last one with the tv made me laugh! Enjoy your baby steps back to a spot more sewing :-)

  5. I love Autumn too, for all the reasons you mentioned...and it helps that we normally have lovely weather in September too!

    I know what you mean about thinking small - I something think that I plan far too much and then get overwhelmed by it all and end up doing nothing (hmm...I am in that situation right now!).

    And that fabric definately needs ricrac - I can hear it screaming all the way over here!