Friday, 10 December 2010

Shrinky dink snowflake ring: or a complete crafting DISASTER

This week we had our work Christmas lunch and my colleagues all decided to wear their Christmas jumpers. Not having a Christmas jumper I was determined not to feel left out so I decided to fashion myself a Christmas ring instead. I have had a packet of shrinky dink plastic lying about for ages but never really done much with it. I had grand visions of a shiny snowflake creation. Unfortunately this is not how it turned out, and the whole process was just a disaster. I am not friends with this ring. It's STUPID.

Disaster 1
I burned my hand taking the baking tray out of the oven (ok, 'disaster' might be a bit hyperbolic...but it's been a tough week)

Disaster 2
While squishing it flat (the plastic curls up in the oven and you smash it flat with a book or something when you take it out) I managed to dent the soft plastic. You can see it in the top left of the photo above.

Disaster 3
I like the snowflake design I drew, but the surface is really rough and dull. Does anyone know how to combat this? A couple of coats of PVA later and it's still not the shiny, polished surface I had in mind. Clear nail varnish?

Disaster 4
The PVA needed to dry overnight so I had to fix it to the ring base on the morning of the Christmas lunch. I splodged the glue in place and went off to have my shower. Once dressed, I put it on my hand and decided that although it wasn't perfect, it was fine to wear for the day to add a festive touch to my outfit. Settled down with a cup of coffee. As the caffeine kicked in I realised that I'd been a bit hasty in putting the ring on and it was in fact now superglued to my finger. Cue much panic and some swearing. A layer of skin later and I was off to work, sans ring and not feeling in a very good mood at all!

Any more crafting disasters this week?! Anyone else managed to mess up shrinky dink plastic?


  1. Aw, I really can't see anything wrong with it. Seriously! I can't even see the dent. Are you sure it's not wearable? The snowflake pattern is very delicate and intricate. I'm sure there are good things here, too, if you can see them!

  2. Oooh nooo! Your poor superglued finger! Ring looks pretty good from here though, if that's any consolation. Does that mean the shrinky dink animal brooches are off?

  3. Aw thanks girls. I like the design, the finish is just a bit rubbish. I might still wear it now the superglue has dried properly, as long as I don't have glue flashbacks...!

    Tilly I will probably still give the animal brooches a go as they are silhouettes so I can use the shiny side as the 'right' side (you have to use the rough side to draw on your design but the finish isn't very nice). I will post here if I manage to create anything!