Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sewing productivity challenge

Well. I think it's fair to say that my sewing mojo has upped and left. Toodleoo mojo, see you later. There are a few reasons for this.

  • I'm still getting settled into my new job - although the worst is over, I've got out of the habit of sewing in the evenings (is it me or is it harder to sew when the sun is shining? Doesn't help that my sewing space is a dark corner!) and it's hard to get back into the swing of it. 
  • My work in progress - a red polka dot McCalls 2401 that I started aaaaages ago *blush* - I'm just not feeling it. The sun is shining and this dress is tight and has sleeves, plus it's proving a b*tch to fit properly. Sorry McCalls 2401, I'm just not in that place any more, all I can think about are floaty summer dresses. 
  • I don't work opposite John Lewis (with its oh-so-tempting haberdashery) any more, so fabric buying has waned somewhat. 
However Tilly has saved the day and proved an inspiration (yet again) with her sewing productivity project.  I'm not officially joining in as April is a bit of a hectic month for me, but I'm finding everyone's sewing productivity posts both comforting and inspiring. It was great to hear that others find themselves grinding to a standstill when working on an uninspiring project - Tilly's advice to just put it aside and start on something that excites you just made perfect sense. Why didn't I think of it?! Karen's productivity pie charts put me to shame, how much does that woman fit into a day? Basically Tilly's project made me see that it's not just me finds it hard to find time for sewing and that this doesn't make me an uncreative loser, just busy. You're never alone in the blogosphere, eh?

So. McCalls 2401 duly set aside, I'm off to pick a more inspiring project. I'm thinking this:

It's from my gorgeous Japanese pattern book from M is for Make. So summery, comfy and easy looking (to wear, not make, I hasten to add). I want a soft, cottony, drapey fabric, it has to be just right, so I'm not going to buy online. This may mean it takes me a while to get started as I'm not so handy to the fabric shops any more, but it'll be worth it to wait. If I hot foot it I can just about make it to Beyond Fabric in my lunch hour. No more excuses!


  1. That looks like a lovely dress - so cool and comfortable. I agree the perfect fabric would make all the difference. Beyond Fabrics is fab, though you may find their cottons a bit stiff for this make. Good luck!

  2. I have a japanese pattern book from M is for Make too. Aren't they lush. Don't feel bad about being unproductive. I barely manage to make anything even when I'm not busy! Everything flows in a cycle of peaks and troughs anyway. Good luck with your dress plans.

  3. I'm all in favour of putting unsuitable projects aside when they're not doing it for you. Go and make a floaty summer dress! What about a voile? Good luck fabric shopping! x

  4. My sewing mojo vanished last week too... I've not mastered the art of sewing when the sun is out and last week was lovely! Good luck with the dress!

  5. You should come to Karen's fabric shopping meet up and we'll find something perfect for that dress! Plus, hanging out with other sewing bloggers might just make your mojo come back...