Sunday, 27 February 2011

Weekend round up: Cath, caravans, contact lenses and colleagues (and other things that don't begin with 'c')

Look! Look what my lovely LOVELY colleagues got me as a leaving present!

It's only the Cath Kidston sewing box I have been coveting for aaages! I cannot wait to get all my sewing bits and bobs into it. They also gave me a voucher to spend in VV Rouleaux - I adore this shop, it has every trim, button, embellishment you could wish for. What an amazing lot, I loved working there. I will especially miss these three:

Dewey Decibelles: the final line up
I start my new job tomorrow and I have to say I'm rather nervous, but excited too. You never know some of them might be crafty ladies too, I do hope so. 

In other news, my parents came to stay for the weekend. Sadly the soggy weather put paid to our walking plans but we managed to pack in a few excellent meals (Bistro Aix in Crouch End got a BIG thumbs up) and caught the Queen exhibition at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. It was very interesting, with lots of Freddie's costumes, fashion drawings and even the pattern pieces of one of his white jumpsuits on display. If you're in the area check it out, it's free. I also tried contact lenses for the first time and am a complete convert - why did I never try them before?!

So with all this stuff going on, the old crafting/sewing has fallen a little by the wayside. I have picked up this red polka dot fabric though:

Isn't it cool? I have been searching for a red polka dot fabric for ages, but all the ones I've found have been a bit cheap and see-through. This one was a bit more expensive but won't need a lining to prevent flashing my underwear! I don't have any specific plans for it though - any ideas?

I also picked up this pattern:

I have been looking for a plain dress such as this for ages - I'm going to make a floral version of the bottom left image, but I really chose the pattern as it looked easy to adapt. Yep, I'm going to try my hand at adapting patterns. Eep! These may be famous last words but let's hope not! 

Oh. And I also had a sewing disaster. One of those pieces that just seem jinxed from the start. A mixture of a bad fabric/pattern combination and general stupidity on my part. I'll maybe post about it here soon and see if anyone has any innovative ideas as to how I can save it!

What have you been up to? Hope you all had/are having fabulous weekends. I left my parents off at Stansted this morning, and now I plan to spend the rest of the day watching 30 Rock, eating crisps and trouncing my boyfriend at Streetfighter II (my parents brought me my old Sega Megadrive!!!) and generally resting up before my first day tomorrow - perfect!



  1. Ooh, I love that red polka dot fabric, where did you get it? I've used the McCall's pattern too and it's really easy. I did the same version (bottom left) and embellished mine with a couple of covered buttons down the front (rock and roll). Because I don't go out to work, I haven't had occasion to wear it yet, which is a shame because it's lovely. I can totally see you swanning around the library in yours though! Best of luck for tomorrow. x

  2. Wow, the sewing caravan!! ACE leaving present. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Aw thanks both!

    @Jane, the red polka dot fabric is from John Lewis on Oxford Street - it's the first time I've seen anything like that in there. It's a Tanya Whelan print: And I'm glad to hear the McCall's pattern is easy! I think I remember seeing it on your blog actually, if it's the one made from the orangey/reddy fabric from the V&A...

  4. Yes, that's the very dress! Thanks for the fabric link, I'll be hot footing it to John Lewis next week.. x

  5. What a great prezzie! That pattern is the first thing I sewed - it's pretty easy, you'll be fine. Good luck tomorrow with your new job!

  6. oh i love polka dot fabric! and the sewing box!
    hope the new job goes well and you have some fellow crafters! x

  7. The sewing box is possibly the most adorable thing I've seen in ages! Best of luck with your new job! :-) The bottom left pattern for the plain floral dress is a lovely silhouette, I bet it will turn out beautifully!

    Jem xXx

    P.S My pretty things are spread through the house, some in boxes, some on display on every available surface - I think my BF despairs secretly ;-)