Monday, 10 January 2011

Because I'm lacking in motivation...

...I don't know what's happened to me recently - since I had the flu before Christmas my energy levels have been zero. Creativity levels: zilch. I know it's meant to take you out for a good few weeks after symptoms disappear, but this is getting ridiculous. To spur myself on I'm going to set myself two little goals to finish by the end of January. I have no excuses as I have the materials in my stash, and the patterns are either online or in books I already own. If you don't see the results by the 31st please bully me or....worse...unfollow! No please, I jest, don't unfollow I love all your comments.

Ok, so by the end of January I will have completed:

Tilly's bow belt - thanks to Tilly for posting this cute tutorial, it's been in the back of my mind for a few months now and I was reminded about it today by Hayley. By January 31st a bow belt shall be mine!

Image from Tilly and the Buttons

Pip from Meet Me at Mike's "cute as a button vintage clutch".

Blog updates to follow, or you are permitted to shout abuse! Now I've put it in writing here it has to happen.



  1. Hi lovely!

    Thank you for the blog follow! Now I get to follow yours too! :-)

    I've also set myself crafty goals for this year so I'll be rooting for you :-D

    Jem at Beautiful Clutter xXx

  2. Hey Carly, hope these goals help you get your creative mojo back! I too love Tilly's belt and you've reminded me about her tutorial...must give it a go soon too.

    I also have a bit of a thing for Pip's clutch bag, which I've made quite a few times as gifts for friends. I found the instructions a little confusing at first, but this could just be me! Anyway, if it helps to see my versions, feel free to take a peek here:

    Good luck!

  3. Marie, your clutches are so cute! I love the brooches too (I'm also a fan of your felt flower brooch Thanks for sharing - I am a sewing novice so I'll know who to turn to if I am a little confuddled by the instructions.

    @Jem, I stumbled across your blog today and was immediately smitten, I want everything you've featured. Thanks for stopping by, crafting goals sound interesting, I hope to see some of your craftiness on your blog soon!


  4. Hi Carly, good luck with your goals, not that you need it :) I had a go at making Tilly's belt and I'm really happy with it. The instructions were really easy to follow and even I didn't screw it up too badly :P That clutch is so cute!
    Have fun
    Hayley x

  5. HI Carly, you go girl! I love Marie's clutch bags, in fact it was seeing them on her blog that made me buy Meet me at Mike's. You can do it, I promise I'll shout abuse if you don't. Jane x