Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dummies and online fabric retailers

Isn't she pretty? I have named her Mildred. I have the lovely Handmade Jane to thank for this latest acquisition, she posted a giveaway and I was the lucky winner. So a big thank you to Jane! I'm very much looking forward to getting stuck into the dressmaking this year and Mildred will be a huge help. Matt (other half) is rather amused and keeps teasing me about my "giant dolly" - sigh.

Oh and by the way, Jane's got another generous giveaway on her blog, so swing by before 8th January to take a look.

In sewing news, I am keen to get started on the Rooibos, but I'm having trouble finding the right fabric. Someone who works in central London shouldn't say that, but I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to sales crowds so I've been avoiding the main thoroughfares! Karen from Did You Make That has arranged a visit to Walthamstow Market in February, so I will hopefully snap up a few bargains there, but I can't possibly wait that long to get started! If any of you have recommendations for an online fabric retailer (UK) I'd love to hear them.



  1. Carly There is a fab place called Stone Fabrics, They have a really lovely shop in Totnes but they are very good and helpful especially with sending samples of fabrics even if your not sure what you want and of course they have an online shop and Volksfaden, Fabric Rehab and Sewbox are all good! Happy Sewing, Hope this helps! Stevie x

  2. I just discovered and ordered from Ditto:


    and Croft Mill comes recommended:


    Thanks for this post. Love seeing other people's fabric recommendations. Wheee - see you in February!

  3. Ooh I'll be checking back here for online recommendations. I struggle sooo much. I'd love to live in London just for the fabric. Leeds is a little bit sparse!

  4. Glad she's gone to a good home and love the name! For dressmaking fabrics my three fave online shops are Ditto (see Karen's link), sewbox.co.uk and misformake.co.uk. For really funky quilting/cottons try seamstar.co.uk, fabricrehab.co.uk and fancymoon.co.uk. If I'm ever passing John Lewis I can always find what I need there, although it's probably a bit pricier than smaller fabric shops. If you're going to Walthamstow market though you'll be sure to find what you need, I LOVE Karen's posts about what she finds there. Good luck and can't wait to see what you get for the Rooibos. Jane x

  5. Congrats on getting the dummy! I'm very jealous - I would have loved to have got it, but I live in Belfast, so a tad too far away! Ooo - loving all the UK online fabric links from all the comments, I've made a list and will be checking them all out too. I have used Croft Mill before and got a very good service.
    Also so jealous that I'm too far away to join in the trip to Walthanstow Market - I would LOVE to go!

  6. Ray Stitch and Saints & Pinners have lovely fabrics, although it's not always clear what the fabric consistency will be like so worth ordering samples.

  7. Thanks for the recommendations people! Knew I could count on you guys. Some of them have GORGEOUS things. I work right opposite the Oxford Street John Lewis so you'd think I could find what I needed in there, but nope. I wanted to make the Rooibos in navy but I just can't seem to find the right fabric - I think I am too much of a fabric novice to buy online - can anyone tell me if 'drill' is a suitable fabric to make a dress out of??

  8. hello everyone.. I have recently started a draping on the stand course and I was wondering where could i buy a dummy like Carly's. I have seen the famous kennet & lindsell but they are sooo expensive. Does anyone knows? thank you !