Friday, 21 January 2011

Lovely stuff...(and a birthday treat)

Hello, happy Friday everyone! It's been a cracking week in the blogosphere, with lots of lovely stuff being posted. Here are some of the best things I've bookmarked this week:

This sewing box from Cath Kidston is just adorable. I do hope my own sewing box doesn't meet with any unfortunate accidents anytime soon....*whistles* *looks shifty*

image courtesy of Cath Kidston 

Talking of sewing boxes - check out what Nette's doing! She's only making her own Cath Kidston inspired one! Truly inspiring.

Tilly and Karen write two of my favourite blogs - they've had a sewing Q&A, read it here. My favourite thing about this post is getting to have a nosey around someone else's sewing space (part of the job description when you become a librarian is to be a bit of a nosey parker - I prefer to call it 'curiosity'). While we're on the subject of sewing spaces, Tilly and Jane have both given us a peek into theirs this week too. Lovely stuff!

How fantastic are these fabric flowers? Jessica at How About Orange has posted a fab tutorial - I can't wait to try it. They'd look fantastic as embellishments for a dress/brooch/headpiece/shoe clip/other...

image courtesy of How About Orange

Jacki at Modern Twist posted this fantastic piece on the vintage details that can really make your creations stand out from the crowd. The pictures she's used are really inspirational and I've bookmarked them for future reference. I can't wait to become competent enough that I can adapt or even create my own patterns. (I came across this via someone else's blog, but I've forgotten whose - if it was you let me know and I'll credit you)

Kate and Wills plates:

image courtesy of Domestic Sluttery

This wedding memorabilia from KK Outlet made me laugh. I wouldn't mind Oxfordshire. Or perhaps a small island. (via Domestic Sluttery)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone - I know I will as it's my 29th birthday on Saturday and my lovely boyfriend has apparently planned a day of surprises! I can't wait! My wonderful colleagues have already spoiled me with lots of cake, HOT SAUCE (in-joke) and a terrorist tea pot (I'm Northern Irish). What a lucky lady I am!



  1. Ooh, those cakes look lovely. Great terrorist tea pot! Happy birthday, Carly. Hope you get spoilt rotten.

  2. As someone sitting over in Belfast, I had a good giggle at your tea pot!!!

  3. Thanks for the mention and have a fab birthday. I love everything in your post! Jane x