Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Best online fabric shops (unofficial!)

When I posted asking for recommendations for online fabric shops based in UK, a few of you commented that you'd be checking back to see the suggestions. As I am an uber-helpful little soul, I thought I'd do a special post on the subject, listing all the recommendations I received and adding a few of my own. The following are from Tilly, Stevie, Karen and Jane, so a big thank you to them. You can see who recommended what on my original post.

I will be browsing this lot thoroughly in my lunch hour...

I have not yet bought fabric online - I don't feel confident enough yet in my fabric knowledge to be sure I am buying the right thing. Plus I work right opposite the Oxford Street John Lewis (and 5 mins from Liberty) so I'm rather fortunate in my fabric-buying options. However over the past few months I have stumbled across some fabric sites that have had me drooling. I'll share them here, but I can't personally vouch for their quality/service! They are:
  • Gaga fabrics - they have some really fun, retro inspired fabrics, I love browsing their site.
  • The Cotton Spool - recommended to me as a local (North London) company. I've fallen in love with this duck print!
  • Fabric Inspirations - they have a big selection of retro inspired fabrics, fun to browse.
  • Spinster's Emporium - I've only recently discovered this site but they have a lovely selection of fabrics, buttons and trims.
  • Vintage Pretty - this ebay shop has an eclectic selection - some very odd fabrics, for example this scary kitten one! Might be useful if you're looking for something unusual.
  • The Vintage Fabric Market - they don't have a massive selection but worth keeping an eye on for vintage buttons and fabrics.

Now, someone hide my wallet.....

What fabric shops do you have bookmarked? Am I missing any gems? Leave me a comment and I'll add your suggestion to this post.


  1. Awesome post - thanks so much for listing all of these!! So many blogs that I read are US based and all online fabric shop recommendations are therefore in the USA and postage makes the deals not so amazing!!
    And guess what, I have that fabric featured in the pic! Did I tell you that before? Do you have it? Any plans for what to make with it? I'm still making up my mind....I had planned to make a 50's style dress, but I'm scared it's a little too floral for a whole outfit...??
    P.S. So jealous of your work location...although I think I would constantly be broke if I worked close to such lucious fabric!!! :)

  2. Thanks Suzie! Yep you said you'd got that fabric, I picked it up in a cheapie little fabric shop on Seven Sisters Road, bargain! I think I'm going to make it into a tablecloth because my boyfriend has already spilt curry on it (grrrr). I think it would be lovely on a dress, don't be scared of a good floral! I'd probably just accessorize it with chunky, plain accessories to tone it down a bit.

    I know, I'm really lucky with my work location. My mum (who works in Belfast) is always complaining about the lack of decent haberdasheries in NI!


  3. I don't have any shops to offer but I sent off to Stone Fabrics for some samples and they scouldn't be more helpful. I will be using them for the material for my friends coat!

  4. Oh fantastic Carly - really helpful post and you've filled a lovely new 'fabric' bookmarks folder for me :-)

    The only places I'd add to the list are Etsy and Folksy for some of the more unusual or kitsch prints

    Jem x

  5. hiya, thanks for this list - although not good for my wallet, I can't seem to stop buying!
    I got some great cotton from, it was delivered speedily and was really sweetly folded and packed. Oooo, and if you're feeling adventurous check out Aunt Bea's fabric ( for an amazing selection of funky prints. It's an American site but they deliver fast, and even with postage it's still as cheap as buying in the UK (I got stung by customs though, so watch that!)

  6. Eeek! Igonre my comment about Aunt Bea's fabric - they're closing! :( sniff

  7. I like the shop chain Fabricland (they are pretty cheap and have a really good range) but don't live in a town with one at the moment, so I quite often browse online - websites a bit clunky and you have to phone your order through but they are very helpful and freindly.

  8. Thank you, this is really very helpful!

  9. What a lovely tempting list :) I'd add The Fabric Loft, Backstitch and Abakhan to your list. I've bought from the first two and they've got a great array of lovely stuff. Although I've only had samples from Abakhan, they were very quick and I'll be going there for my 'basics' when I need them :)

  10. How about - easy to use site with plenty of choice