Friday, 7 January 2011

Lovely stuff

Hello, happy Friday everyone. Did the first week back after the holidays absolutely drag? I know it did for me, I feel like time has ceased to function properly in 2011.

To cheer me up, I've had a trawl through all my blogs and picked my favourite discoveries to share with you. Maybe 'Lovely stuff' will even become a Friday regular.

Creatively lovely stuff:

Project Restyle - another gem from the creative minds of Elsie and Rachel. They are going to create lovely stuff out of damaged or unwanted goods, alongside weekly projects to give life to used items. You can join in yourself via their Flickr group. Inspirational!

Learning to sew: part 1 - Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons has posted this really useful introduction to sewing, answering some of the most common questions she gets asked. Lots of tips on getting started if you're new to sewing.

An extremely enviable sewing chest - lucky Nette! My sewing stuff is currently stored in an Ikea bedside table, an archive box and a couple of baskets. Not quite so stylish. Although I am lucky enough to have a very prety Cath Kidston sewing box.

Image courtesy of Nette

Other lovely stuff...

Shannon Eileen over at Happiness is has been posting lots of lovely stuff this week, not least this vintage suitcase storage. How gorgeous! I'd love one of these to store all my sewing supplies. I do like these ones from Liberty, but having felt them up in real life, I feel they're a bit flimsy for the price.

image courtesy of 'Happiness is'

 She also linked to these teacups... 

image courtesy of Me and Alice

...I can't decide if they're cute or a bit creepy? What about you? I think I would like one. It would also be quite funny to give someone tea in, but not warn them...

How to do customer service:

Spending Christmas Eve travelling can't be nice, so what better to spread a little Christmas cheer than a lovely random act of kindness from Spanair? The cynic in me keeps reminding me it's also fantastic publicity for the company, but you can't deny it's heartwarming.

Hope you've enjoyed these links as much as I have. Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have lovely weekends. I am planning a quiet one, preparing for a job interview on Monday - eek!


  1. Ooo these are lovely links! That video is so sweet, what a great idea.
    I can't decide about the teacups either - but you are right, they would be a lot of fun to give to someone without saying anything!
    LOVE the vintage suitcase from Happiness Is. I haven't seen that blog before so thanks for the intro - I must investigate! And what a shame the Liberty cases are a bit flimsy...I often find that when I see something in 'real life' that I have fallen in love with online I am disappointed - the art of skillful photograhpy!
    Good luck with the interview!!!

  2. Those teacups freak me out!! Good luck with your interview, hope it gets you where you want to be :) xx