Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Matou en Peluche

I've recently come across the delightful illustrations of Matou en Peluche (thanks Tilly) and couldn't resist sharing them with you. 

so stylish - makes me want to chop my hair into a 20s bob

foxy, love the hair and the hat

I love this bird motif - it would look lovely worked up into a pattern. 

And this fan shaped dress is probably one of my favourite illustrations

cute as a button!

all images courtesy of Matou en Peluche shop and blog

Aren't they gorgeous? It's my birthday this month so I shall be dropping some heavy hints to my nearest and dearest. In the meantime I've got my sketchbook and an old copy of Vogue...let's see if inspiration strikes!


  1. Oh - such lush illustrations. Especially love the fan dress!

    Jem x

  2. P.S - I think a Russian Doll collection is a fabulous idea! :-)