Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sewing space: a room of one's own

Where do you sew? Do you have a dedicated sewing space? Or do you have to make do with a kitchen table? Or even a coffee table? I have been thinking about my sewing space a lot since hearing about Jane's sewing room and seeing Tilly's new sewing space, and have decided to give it an overhaul.

I have been using a desk in the corner of our bedroom for my sewing, but I really hate it. It's too big for our tiny flat, and it's just plain ugly. Look:

However! Today I sold this ugly piece of furniture, and I am now deskless. So now I get to choose myself something much more suitable. We are limited on space so I want something small. I'm currently dithering between these two Ikea numbers:

The one on the left is cheap and small, but it's also pretty ugly. The one below is bigger and a lot more expensive but it's so much prettier and I can just close up the lid and hide all my mess when I'm done sewing. But I'm a bit worried the worktop might be a little restrictive because of the raised sides. I just can't decide which one will work best in my little space.

Hmm I'm going to have to have a think about it. The most important thing is a good surface to work on, right? And space for bits and bobs.

I'll be back to update when I've got it done. In the meantime I will mostly be googling sewing spaces for inspiration!


  1. At the moment I just take over the dining room table but I'm in the process of turning the desk in the corner of my bedroom into my sewing space. The problem is my desk is currently under several inches of junk and once I've cleared it it might be a little on the small side but I'll soon find out! The 2nd desk is really pretty but if you had to pull your machine forward onto the pull down bit, would it support the weight? Just a thought.
    Hayley x

  2. Hiya, I too am seriously thinking of overhauling my sewing space, having read about Tilly's new set-up. Mine is such a tip, I've actually moved to the kitchen table as it's clearer! Maybe, if I put a picture of the disaster zone on my blog I'll be embarrassed into doing it! Anyway, one thing I find totally useful is having lots of open storage baskets (you know, the ones made of canvas or wicker etc) with all my fabrics and bits and bobs in. That way, I can retain some vague sense of organisation and tidiness! Maybe you could have a few of those under your sewing space?

  3. Hmm Hayley you might be right, sadly! It *is* just Ikea furniture, so it's probably not uber robust. The little table really is the most sensible option as it's drop leaf and takes up next to no space.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    Ho hum! *ponders*