Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Another Christmas idea and the Day From Hell

So far, today has not treated me kindly. Wednesday, I do not like you.

I opened my eyes this morning and checked my phone to see the time. 9.55. Cue lots of OMG! WHAT? I was meant to be at work 25 minutes ago! I texted my boss to say I was running REALLY late and got ready at lightning speed, all the while wondering how such a travesty had happened. I never sleep solidly through til 9.55, not even on the weekend. Arrive at work just before 11 only to run into a colleague at the door - I then proceeded to panic her by shouting 'How are you so late as well?!'. Confusion ensued and it finally came to light that my iPhone was an hour and a half ahead of itself (it also thought it was Sunday, which I hadn't noticed) and I was bang on time for work. Cue much embarrassment. I'd texted my boss at around 8am to say I was late! Plus I walk past a massive clock tower every day, STUPID.

So, as a result I've felt extremely discombobulated all day, a bit sick and very tired and can't wait to go home. After work I'm planning to head home via the massive Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road to pick up crafty things and a Secret Santa gift - I've not been before but apparently it's 3 floors of stationery goodness! Love Paperchase. I'm then going to play about with my Scrabble picture Christmas idea, drink wine and watch The Apprentice.

The Scrabble picture is something I thought of the other day. This is one of my preliminary shots:

taken using the Hipstamatic app for iPhone to get the retro feel

Cute isn't it? I think so anyway. It's for my wee sister (who is called Laura, funnily enough). I am still not sure what to do with it. My ideas so far are:

  • leave as is, put in a simple but nice frame
  • add in something else to the bottom left corner - maybe a snapshot of her?
  • put in a box frame so I can put actual objects in front of the print

I have a tendency to over-work things so any feedback or even any BETTER ideas would be appreciated! I'm off to post this on Crafty Christmas Club too to see if any of the lovely ladies over there have any feedback!


  1. How cute!! I really like the idea of putting the photo in a box frame with just a few simple objects in front (I'm picturing vintage deer figurines, but I guess that would depend on your sister!). If you keep the objects simple and unified around a theme, I don't think it will look too cluttered.

  2. Thanks Alli! Deer figurines is a lovely idea, I feel a vintage shopping spree coming on. xx