Saturday, 13 November 2010

Christmas wreath

This Christmas wreath from Heidi and Anna at the Pickles blog is just beautiful. I love the styling with the bunting and stag head too. I found it while googling Christmas wreaths, in desperate need of inspiration for the one I'm trying to make. Everything I try is either too twee or just not as I imagined (the tin foil incarnation was particularly foul).

Finding these felt balls online seems to be harder than I imagined, have found a few UK stockists on Folksy but they all seem to be sold out. A more intensive google session is required I think, unless anyone knows where else I can find them?

I will post a pic of my wreath once I've decided what it will's currently wrapped in red wool with white crocheted hearts and flowers on, but I don't like it either. Watch this space...


  1. Really like your blog - I'm going to follow you;)

    Love Christmas.

  2. Try paperfish on Folksy for felt balls!