Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Nest, Crouch End

(image taken from Nest website)
Today I went to check out Crouch End's new (and only) knitting shop, Nest. First impressions, very nice decor and pretty window display. They had some lovely wools and tools and bits and bobs. As well as wools, they sell gorgeous ribbons, beads, buttons and various other embellishments. It's a little sparse inside, I'd like to see more books and ongoing projects, but those will probably come with time. I work very near John Lewis on Oxford Street and spend many lunch hours in their haberdashery department, but I think Nest has a much more inspiring selection of wools.

If you'd like to learn a new skill (or improve on an old one) Nest are also offering a range of courses and drop ins, including jewellery making, crochet and felting.

My only criticism would be that there wasn't much 'fanfare' outside to draw in the customers. Had I not been looking for it I may have easily walked straight past. Perhaps an eyecatching sign on the street? It's on Weston Park, so a bit off the beaten track, and it's not open on Sundays, so I think they're going to need help to spread the word. That said they are on Twitter and Facebook (details on their website) so go and friend them! It's definitely worth straying off the main thoroughfare to take a peep and I'm sure I'll be a regular in the run up to Christmas. I hope they have some crafty Christmas events planned!


  1. Hi Carly, welcome to the blogosphere! Your blog is really pretty - love the spotty grey background. I can't find anywhere to follow you though (let me know if you want tips on how to do add follower functions). Good luck with your crafting!

  2. Hi Tilly, thanks! I don't know about follower functions and I can't find anywhere to add them so any tips you have would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I will get the hang of this blogging malarkey soon - I have been a lurker and follower for ages but not so hot on the writing and commenting!

  3. Hi Carly, I was visiting relations in london this weekend just down the road from this shop and i didn't even see it until they pointed it out to me. I adored the selection of yarn they had and the little bits & bobs. I spent a lot of money but was on hols so that's ok!It's open on Sundays in the run up to christmas. They definitely could do with making it a bit more obvious that it was a yarn shop at first glance i thought it was an interior design shop. Eithne