Tuesday, 2 November 2010

learning to crochet: tutorial

I had wanted to learn how to crochet for ages. AGES. But no matter how hard I puzzled over the pictures in books or the online tutorials I just could NOT get the hang of it. I'd get so far then, convinced I was doing it wrong, would stop and rip it all out.

Then in September this year I discovered the granny square tutorial from the gorgeous Pip Lincolne of Meet me at Mikes. This was without a doubt the best online tutorial I found, and made learning to crochet easy. It did. Easy. Lovely Pip.

Once I had the hang of a granny square, I found it was much easier to pick up different stitches and techniques from books. Once you can do a chain, a double and a triple crochet you really CAN do anything. Honest. On the subject of being honest, I will say that at first I was a VERY clumsy crocheter, and if it wasn't for the encouragement gained from Pip's brilliant tutorial I would have thought I was still doing it wrongly. All thumbs I was. My first squares looked like this:

Thanks Pip!

I then added white borders to each of the squares and joined. Unfortunately I am very distractable and a serial non-finisher when it comes to projects, so I don't have a finished granny square project to show you unfortunately. Maybe one day. I've got others to share over the next few posts though.

Have you learned to crochet from these tutorials too? Do you know of other fab crochet tutorials? What was your first project? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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