Sunday, 7 November 2010

A bit of a muddle...or how I botched together a rather cute iPod cover

It's my wee sister's birthday next week and she had requested a handmade cover for her iPod nano. Easy peasy I thought! Nope. Not so much.

Does anyone else have trouble deciding what fasteners to put on iPod/iPhone/camera/glasses/etc covers? I am terrible at deciding, so usually I just go for a button and a loop of ribbon. This time I decided to go a bit more sophis and make a proper flap and button hole. My downfall was not deciding this until I'd already sewn the main body of the case, so I have bits and pieces of random stitching that could have been covered up much better had I made it more logically. Unfortunately I don't have time to re-create with the knowledge of hindsight it as it needs to get to Ireland quicksmart. Here's a close up:

My button hole stitching also left a lot to be desired. It was the first one I'd done, and I probably should have practised before attempting it on my (almost finished so no going back) present. The fabric frayed a little bit - I think I should have made the stitches bigger and used a sharper needle. But hey, we live and learn. I just reinforced it with a coating of PVA glue. I told you I was sophis. It doesn't look too bad and you can't see it when it's closed anyway. 

I'm obviously going to buy her something as well, seeing as this hasn't turned out so well. Still, I think it's cute even if it's not perfect and hopefully she'll at least appreciate the love and care that went into it. 

Has anyone else made any cute iPod covers? I'd love to see some more ideas.


  1. Hi Carly, just found you on crafty xmas club. I love your little Ipod cover and must admit I have exactly the same problem deciding on fasteners! I've now narrowed it down to velcro and snap fasteners. Velcro you can sew on but tends to get filled with fluff, snap fasteners you can put on with a special tool but you have to be v accurate or your whole purse/ipod holder goes wonky. Here are a few I made earlier:
    I can send you the link to the tutorial if you like the look of them. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations. Jane x

  2. Hi Jane,

    Yours look lovely, yes could you share the tutorial? I just handstitched mine as I'd run out of bobbins and couldn't face unwinding and rewinding to get the different colour - I promise I won't be so lazy next time!

    Glad to know I'm not the only one vexed by fasteners!


  3. Hi Carly, here's the link I made mine slightly narrower (4.5inches) and it's wide enough for an Iphone or an Ipod. I did try making my first one with the elastic loop as per the tutorial but it was a real fiddle to sew and it came loose after a few days, grrr. Let me know how you get on. J x