Friday, 5 November 2010

The weekend

Gearing up for the weekend, what is everyone up to?

I plan to crash in front of the tv tonight, eschewing fireworks on Clapham Common for my sofa (although I'm sure I shall feel very left out as all my work friends will be out at the fireworks). I'm not feeling too hot this week so socialising is not top of my list. I will be mostly:
  • crocheting up the snood I'm making for my sister for Christmas
  • finishing up the iPod cover I'm making for my sister's birthday (priority)
  • attempting to finish up the Liberty print dress I started way back in....June??
Will hopefully get round to formally introducing myself and my Crafty Christmas Plans on Tilly's Crafty Christmas blog

I may also be tempted across the road to the Haberdashery for the Barboot event tonight - but the call of my sofa may be too strong!

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