Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas hearts and bunting

This week, amongst other crafty endeavours, I've been making some Christmas decorations.

I used this tutorial to make these heart decorations:

I'd already made a tiny string of them in pink just because, but using this chunky wool and a size 8 hook makes really cute big hearts. I think I'll make a lot of them and string them by the window.

I've also made this 'ho ho ho' bunting.

I used red and white felt and a checked ribbon I found in my stash. I think it's quite cute, I'm going to put it underneath my wreath (when I finally manage to make one - I may just cave and buy this one from Paperchase). I haven't decided what to put on the blank pieces yet - thinking snowflakes on the red, but what on the white? A stocking? I think it should stick to the red and white colour scheme. What do you think? 

Carly xo


  1. Aw these are great! Kudos to you for making your own Crimbo decs - they're always the best ones! And if you find a good 'recipe' for a wreath, please pass it on!

  2. You've got to love bunting! Never thought of making some Christmas themed though, nice idea. Really like your ideas for homemade decorations and the like - wish I had the time to be as prolific at crafting as you!

  3. Oh I've only been this prolific as I was off work all last week! Hoping to keep it up though. Cx