Saturday, 27 November 2010

The best garland?

Garland? Is that the right description? Or just a festive chain? I dunno, but I've just come across the Pretty Much Penniless blog and fallen in love with this idea of making a garland (or whatever you want to call it) out of old keys and bits of jewellery:

(image from

I think this is AWESOME, I'm completely charmed by the idea. I'd keep it up all year round if I'm honest (don't tell the boy, he doesn't like clutter and he hopefully just wouldn't notice if I 'forgot' to take it down...)

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you've all got lovely days planned? It's freezing here (although not as cold as for my Scottish friends who are ankle deep in snow) so I'm planning a lazy day doing some Christmas shopping online, watching old films and drinking gingerbread lattes. I woke up with some sort of weird spot/bite on my face so I don't particularly feel like facing the world anyway!


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