Monday, 29 November 2010

More Christmas wreaths

I've mentioned previously on this blog how obsessed I've been with wreaths this Christmas. It all started here when I fell in love with the felted wreath on the Pickles blog. I promise this is the last wreath post (for this year at least). Unless I come across any more brilliant ones.

My other half doesn't like anything too twee or 'country cottagey' so I've steered clear of anything using branches and berries, although there are plenty of tutorials for those online if that's your thing.

I decided I wanted a bauble wreath but didn't fancy the price tags on the ones I saw in Paperchase, plus they weren't quite what I wanted. I stocked up on little glass baubles, grabbed a wire hanger (those things are tougher than they look!) and came up with this:

I have to say, threading baubles is extremely therapeutic following a day of tube strike madness in London - can anyone beat a 2.5 hour morning commute (bearing in mind I live less than 5 miles from work)? I could have walked it quicker. Anyway, I digress. I threaded the baubles straight onto the wire for a more 3D effect (yes I know life is 3D, I guess I just mean it looks the same from the back), so it took a LOT of baubles! You could probably use less if you used wire to keep the baubles round to the front. I made the flower using this tutorial from Marie at A Sewing Odyssey.

It's currently displayed in my fireplace along with lots of other magic and sparkle!

I blogged last week that I'd fallen in love with this tinsel wreath that I saw on the Creature Comforts blog. I hunted high and low in Crouch End for tinsel to no avail, but finally came across some in the Alexandra Palace garden shop - yay! Here's my interpretation:

It looks a little brash in this photo, but when all the fairy lights are lit it's gorgeously twinkly and festive. I may switch the crocheted heart for a flower at some point.

If you're looking for more inspiration, EZ at Creature Comforts posted a fantastic round up of the best DIY wreaths. The Channel 4 website also have a few good ideas here

I'm off to sip the rest of my red wine (it'll soon be time to mull it, I LOVE the smell) and play about with the crocheted snowflake wreath I have in progress. Stay cosy everyone. 


Saturday, 27 November 2010

The best garland?

Garland? Is that the right description? Or just a festive chain? I dunno, but I've just come across the Pretty Much Penniless blog and fallen in love with this idea of making a garland (or whatever you want to call it) out of old keys and bits of jewellery:

(image from

I think this is AWESOME, I'm completely charmed by the idea. I'd keep it up all year round if I'm honest (don't tell the boy, he doesn't like clutter and he hopefully just wouldn't notice if I 'forgot' to take it down...)

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you've all got lovely days planned? It's freezing here (although not as cold as for my Scottish friends who are ankle deep in snow) so I'm planning a lazy day doing some Christmas shopping online, watching old films and drinking gingerbread lattes. I woke up with some sort of weird spot/bite on my face so I don't particularly feel like facing the world anyway!


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas hearts and bunting

This week, amongst other crafty endeavours, I've been making some Christmas decorations.

I used this tutorial to make these heart decorations:

I'd already made a tiny string of them in pink just because, but using this chunky wool and a size 8 hook makes really cute big hearts. I think I'll make a lot of them and string them by the window.

I've also made this 'ho ho ho' bunting.

I used red and white felt and a checked ribbon I found in my stash. I think it's quite cute, I'm going to put it underneath my wreath (when I finally manage to make one - I may just cave and buy this one from Paperchase). I haven't decided what to put on the blank pieces yet - thinking snowflakes on the red, but what on the white? A stocking? I think it should stick to the red and white colour scheme. What do you think? 

Carly xo

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas inspiration...

Image from the Attic 24 blog

I don't know about you but Christmas is my favourite time of year. I'm really excited about this Christmas as it's our first in this flat, and the first time we've not had pesky flatmates getting in the way! I'm trying to make a lot of my own Christmas decorations and have been trawling the web for inspiration. The Boy doesn't like things to look too folksy or twee, so I'm trying to avoid anything too country cottagey. These are some of my favourites ideas/makes: 

  • A selection of wreaths from Good Housekeeping - I loved the idea of using ice and cherries to create an outdoor one - if only I didn't live in a flat!
  • These crocheted snowflakes are lovely (see pic above) - Lucy from Attic 24 has kindly provided a tutorial which I'm planning to have a go at tonight.
  • For me, this wreath is the one. I think it's just great. However I have been completely unable to find any silver tinsel - thwarted! Crouch End must be too sophis for such tacky decorations. 

Image from the Creature Comforts blog

  • Yarn wreaths (I'm a little obsessed with wreaths this year, can you tell?) from Danielle who blogs at Take Heart - they look really simple to make but I think they make really lovely festive decorations.
  • These little animal baubles are SO cute, I am definitely going to try making a version of the owl! I like these little heart ones too. A perfect project for sitting in front of the telly with a glass of vino..
  • This string of origami boxes are just gorgeous - I absolutely love them. If only I could bring myself to rip up an old book...

Image taken from Creature Comforts blog

  • This 'whatnot tree' is a great alternative for those (like me) who don't have room for a proper tree. I'm off to Ally Pally in the next couple of days to hunt for twigs!
  • This garland from Anthropologie has the perfect style balance between folksy and funky.
  • I've absolutely fallen in love with this little felt deer bauble from Lowell and Son's etsy shop:

That's just some of the lovely ideas I've found online - you're all such an inspiration! I'll pop back in a few days to update on how I'm getting on with my own projects. How are you decorating your home this year? Have you any crafty Christmassy ideas you'd like to share? I'd love to see what other people are doing.

Have a lovely evening, I'm off now to finish sewing up my Simplicity 2591 - slightly disappointed as preliminary fittings lead me to think it's going to make me look fat, but we shall see...I'll post the outcome (good or bad) here once I'm all finished up.

Carly xx

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Yep. Yawn. I've been a bit under the weather for the last week or so and as a consequence the crafting (and therefore blogging) has taken a bit of a back seat. I'll get back on track over the following week as I'm on annual leave, woop woop! I've got a trip to Hobbycraft planned for tomorrow (my first ever visit, I'm very excited!), and then a week of crafting. My plans are to:

Finish off the dress I started in June
It's Simplicity 2591, as inspired by Karen at Did You Make That? I'm using a Liberty print fabric and I love it so much! I laid it to the side, learnt to crochet and so forgot about my past as a wannabe seamstress.

Make Christmas decorations
I'm thinking wreaths, bunting and other decorations. My flat is too small for a tree. I'm taking inspiration from several places, including here, and from one of my new favourite blogs, Creature Comforts who have loads of inspiring Christmassy ideas.

Finish off half made Christmas gifts and start more
Snoods, wristlets, coffee cup holders...

In the meantime as this is a rubbish post, please see this AWESOME video that I came across via the lovely Shopholly:

Monday, 15 November 2010

Snuggly snoods: tutorial

I am officially in LOVE with snoods this year. I've crocheted two so far and am working on my third which will be a Christmas gift. I didn't follow any pattern, just played about and this was the outcome.

This blue one was my first attempt - I stopped when I ran out of blue wool, but I don't really use it much as I think it needs to be bigger. The cherries motif is just a series of crocheted circles, I think it turned out quite cute.

I am re-creating the one I'm wearing in the photograph above as a Christmas gift as I love mine so much. I can't decide whether to decorate it with a bow, or with cherries or with crocheted flowers...or something else?

Another difference with the one I'm currently working on is that I am crocheting it in a continuous round so that there is not a join up the back.

Anyway, just in case any of you would like to know how I made them, here's a little tutorial - they're easy peasy!

You need:
A big fat crochet hook (I used 8mm)
Big fat wool (I used 1.5 balls of Rowan Big Wool)

I'm using UK crochet terms, but I've linked to videos (some of which use the US terminology just to make it more confusing!) so you can see exactly what I mean.

Row 1
Chain 60 (this fits as shown in the pic of me above - but you could make it longer so you can wind it round your neck a couple of times, or shorter so it sits more snugly) * join into a circle with a slip stitch

Row 2
Chain 2 * treble crochet (tr) into each chain along the original row * when you've got all the way round slip stitch into the very first stitch treble crochet to join

Row 3
Chain 1 * double crochet (dc) into each treble * slip stitch into the first double crochet in the row to join

Rows 4 - end
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you get to the length you like. I did 8 reps altogether to get one measuring about 35 cm. It might be nice to make it even longer though so that you can pull it up over your head!

The bow is really simple too. I used  a 3 mm hook.
Chain 20 * half treble crochet into 3rd chain from hook and all the way along the row * chain 2 and repeat for 7-8 rows or until the bow is as large as you want it to be.

To do the middle of the bow, chain 8 * htc into 3rd chain from hook and all the way along * finish off and stitch together to form a bow.

Stitch it all together, weave in the ends and snuggle up!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Christmas wreath

This Christmas wreath from Heidi and Anna at the Pickles blog is just beautiful. I love the styling with the bunting and stag head too. I found it while googling Christmas wreaths, in desperate need of inspiration for the one I'm trying to make. Everything I try is either too twee or just not as I imagined (the tin foil incarnation was particularly foul).

Finding these felt balls online seems to be harder than I imagined, have found a few UK stockists on Folksy but they all seem to be sold out. A more intensive google session is required I think, unless anyone knows where else I can find them?

I will post a pic of my wreath once I've decided what it will's currently wrapped in red wool with white crocheted hearts and flowers on, but I don't like it either. Watch this space...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Space invaders Christmas cross stitch!

How cool is this wonderful space invaders cross stitch pattern? I absolutely love it and it is definitely going on my to-do list. (from even-star's Flickr stream and via the craftzine blog)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Another Christmas idea and the Day From Hell

So far, today has not treated me kindly. Wednesday, I do not like you.

I opened my eyes this morning and checked my phone to see the time. 9.55. Cue lots of OMG! WHAT? I was meant to be at work 25 minutes ago! I texted my boss to say I was running REALLY late and got ready at lightning speed, all the while wondering how such a travesty had happened. I never sleep solidly through til 9.55, not even on the weekend. Arrive at work just before 11 only to run into a colleague at the door - I then proceeded to panic her by shouting 'How are you so late as well?!'. Confusion ensued and it finally came to light that my iPhone was an hour and a half ahead of itself (it also thought it was Sunday, which I hadn't noticed) and I was bang on time for work. Cue much embarrassment. I'd texted my boss at around 8am to say I was late! Plus I walk past a massive clock tower every day, STUPID.

So, as a result I've felt extremely discombobulated all day, a bit sick and very tired and can't wait to go home. After work I'm planning to head home via the massive Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road to pick up crafty things and a Secret Santa gift - I've not been before but apparently it's 3 floors of stationery goodness! Love Paperchase. I'm then going to play about with my Scrabble picture Christmas idea, drink wine and watch The Apprentice.

The Scrabble picture is something I thought of the other day. This is one of my preliminary shots:

taken using the Hipstamatic app for iPhone to get the retro feel

Cute isn't it? I think so anyway. It's for my wee sister (who is called Laura, funnily enough). I am still not sure what to do with it. My ideas so far are:

  • leave as is, put in a simple but nice frame
  • add in something else to the bottom left corner - maybe a snapshot of her?
  • put in a box frame so I can put actual objects in front of the print

I have a tendency to over-work things so any feedback or even any BETTER ideas would be appreciated! I'm off to post this on Crafty Christmas Club too to see if any of the lovely ladies over there have any feedback!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A bit of a muddle...or how I botched together a rather cute iPod cover

It's my wee sister's birthday next week and she had requested a handmade cover for her iPod nano. Easy peasy I thought! Nope. Not so much.

Does anyone else have trouble deciding what fasteners to put on iPod/iPhone/camera/glasses/etc covers? I am terrible at deciding, so usually I just go for a button and a loop of ribbon. This time I decided to go a bit more sophis and make a proper flap and button hole. My downfall was not deciding this until I'd already sewn the main body of the case, so I have bits and pieces of random stitching that could have been covered up much better had I made it more logically. Unfortunately I don't have time to re-create with the knowledge of hindsight it as it needs to get to Ireland quicksmart. Here's a close up:

My button hole stitching also left a lot to be desired. It was the first one I'd done, and I probably should have practised before attempting it on my (almost finished so no going back) present. The fabric frayed a little bit - I think I should have made the stitches bigger and used a sharper needle. But hey, we live and learn. I just reinforced it with a coating of PVA glue. I told you I was sophis. It doesn't look too bad and you can't see it when it's closed anyway. 

I'm obviously going to buy her something as well, seeing as this hasn't turned out so well. Still, I think it's cute even if it's not perfect and hopefully she'll at least appreciate the love and care that went into it. 

Has anyone else made any cute iPod covers? I'd love to see some more ideas.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Christmas baubles: tutorial (from Meet me at Mike's)

(Image taken from Meet me at Mike's blog)
I can't wait to try making these gorgeous crocheted Christmas baubles. Pip over at Meet me at Mike's has kindly posted a tutorial. I'll let you know how I get on!

The weekend

Gearing up for the weekend, what is everyone up to?

I plan to crash in front of the tv tonight, eschewing fireworks on Clapham Common for my sofa (although I'm sure I shall feel very left out as all my work friends will be out at the fireworks). I'm not feeling too hot this week so socialising is not top of my list. I will be mostly:
  • crocheting up the snood I'm making for my sister for Christmas
  • finishing up the iPod cover I'm making for my sister's birthday (priority)
  • attempting to finish up the Liberty print dress I started way back in....June??
Will hopefully get round to formally introducing myself and my Crafty Christmas Plans on Tilly's Crafty Christmas blog

I may also be tempted across the road to the Haberdashery for the Barboot event tonight - but the call of my sofa may be too strong!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

crocheted wristlets: tutorial

I'm new to crochet, and I'm absolutely loving it. But I never seem to find the exact pattern for what I want to make, so I made these wristlets as a gift for my friend from a 'pattern' I made up myself just using a simple fan stitch. They are by no means perfect as I've only been crocheting since September so am not that experienced, but in the spirit of sharing here's how I made them:

Start: Using a 3mm hook chain 32 (this fits an average wrist - I gave them away before measuring, but I think this was about 16cm)
Row 1: * 1 treble crochet (tr) into 4th chain from hook * miss 2 chain then 5 tr into next chain * miss 2 chain then 1 tr in the next 2 chains * miss 2 chains then 5 tr into the next chain * repeat to end of row.
Row 2: chain 3 * 5 tr into the space between the two side by side tr stitches * 1 tr into the space between the 2nd and 3rd trs in the group of 5 and 1 tr into the space between the 3rd and 4th trs in the same group of 5 * (the previous two steps may be reversed depending on whether you ended your last row with a group of 5 trs or 2 singles) * continue til end of row. 
Rows 3 - end: repeat row 2 until you have the length you require. 
To finish: darn/crochet/stitch up the seam. If you want to leave a space for the thumb you can, mine don't have this. I am currently experimenting with crocheting these continuously in the round so that there is no seam, if I manage it I will update. 
Embellish: I used a flower pattern I found in an old book, but you could embellish with anything - bows, ribbons, pom poms....or you could crochet in a brighter colour/stripes and leave the crochet to speak for itself. There are heaps of flower tutorial videos online, but if you'd like me to share mine just let me know and I'm happy to do so.

If you have any tips or tricks to improve my pattern I'd love to hear from you in the comments. How do you crochet something like this without a seam?

Carly xx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Nest, Crouch End

(image taken from Nest website)
Today I went to check out Crouch End's new (and only) knitting shop, Nest. First impressions, very nice decor and pretty window display. They had some lovely wools and tools and bits and bobs. As well as wools, they sell gorgeous ribbons, beads, buttons and various other embellishments. It's a little sparse inside, I'd like to see more books and ongoing projects, but those will probably come with time. I work very near John Lewis on Oxford Street and spend many lunch hours in their haberdashery department, but I think Nest has a much more inspiring selection of wools.

If you'd like to learn a new skill (or improve on an old one) Nest are also offering a range of courses and drop ins, including jewellery making, crochet and felting.

My only criticism would be that there wasn't much 'fanfare' outside to draw in the customers. Had I not been looking for it I may have easily walked straight past. Perhaps an eyecatching sign on the street? It's on Weston Park, so a bit off the beaten track, and it's not open on Sundays, so I think they're going to need help to spread the word. That said they are on Twitter and Facebook (details on their website) so go and friend them! It's definitely worth straying off the main thoroughfare to take a peep and I'm sure I'll be a regular in the run up to Christmas. I hope they have some crafty Christmas events planned!

snow globes: tutorial

I bloody LOVE these snow globes as seen on the Well Worn blog (pics courtesy of

There's a tutorial and some more lovely pictures to look at over at Well Worn.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

learning to crochet: tutorial

I had wanted to learn how to crochet for ages. AGES. But no matter how hard I puzzled over the pictures in books or the online tutorials I just could NOT get the hang of it. I'd get so far then, convinced I was doing it wrong, would stop and rip it all out.

Then in September this year I discovered the granny square tutorial from the gorgeous Pip Lincolne of Meet me at Mikes. This was without a doubt the best online tutorial I found, and made learning to crochet easy. It did. Easy. Lovely Pip.

Once I had the hang of a granny square, I found it was much easier to pick up different stitches and techniques from books. Once you can do a chain, a double and a triple crochet you really CAN do anything. Honest. On the subject of being honest, I will say that at first I was a VERY clumsy crocheter, and if it wasn't for the encouragement gained from Pip's brilliant tutorial I would have thought I was still doing it wrongly. All thumbs I was. My first squares looked like this:

Thanks Pip!

I then added white borders to each of the squares and joined. Unfortunately I am very distractable and a serial non-finisher when it comes to projects, so I don't have a finished granny square project to show you unfortunately. Maybe one day. I've got others to share over the next few posts though.

Have you learned to crochet from these tutorials too? Do you know of other fab crochet tutorials? What was your first project? Please leave a comment and let me know!


Hello! I'm Carly. I would like to be a Domestic Goddess of the crafting variety, and this blog is my attempts to become one.

Having failed massively at being Nigella I have decided cookery is not my forte, and that my strengths lie as a crafter. I want to share my learning, my projects and hopefully learn stuff from you lovely people too. Let's see how I go!